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Welkom bij je nieuwe site! Je kunt deze pagina bewerken door op de koppeling Bewerken te klikken. Voor meer informatie over het aanpassen van je site, ga je naar http://learn.wordpress.com/

Recente berichten

The Sex Gratitude Journal

  If there is something I regret decluttering, it’s a journal I never quite found the right purpose for. It was called Love and Lust, and it was written by Susie Bright. Even though I loved its red cover and journaling cues, every attempt to use it stranded after a few weeks.Upon which I cut… More

Fear Doesn’t Belong In The Driver’s Seat

“. “If I ever have to cast an acting role, I want the wrong person for the part. I can never visualize the right person in a part. The right person for the right part would be too much. Besides, no person is every completely right for any part, because part in a role is… More

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