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Love Duckie episode: the Creative Breeding Ground 

original in Dutchtranslated by Love Duckie himself .Suzanne L. BeenackersRock Star Writer ☕️ Buy me a coffee🥳 PayPalMe  🇳🇱Tikkie van de week [de allereerste! 🤗 ] Subscribe to receive these posts in your inbox. You can find the subscription button on this page, probably on the top right.   This World Between Worlds blog is an element of “Rock Star”…

There are stranger things than throwing out your tech

“It’s one thing to set a TV series in the 1980s; it’s a whole other thing, however, to make it feel like it was actually shot during the Reagan-and-Rubik’s-Cube era.” That was the opening line of an article in Rolling Stone magazine, July 2016. Six years later the series Stranger Things has lost none of…

I almost amputated the wrong arm

When I say I almost amputated the wrong arm, I mean I once again caught myself wanting to terminate a healthy part of my life, without noticing it was actually a response to introducing a not healthy part. It all started last weekend, when I ordered a new laptop so I could start  a new…

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