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I Dreamed Of A Silver Beaked Raven

The images I could find, of real birds, did not come close to what I saw in my dream. Even the word “raven”, must be seen as a perhaps too eager attempt, to determine what the dream was about.Ravens are spirit animals, they have a meaning in all nature based religions. They are also biblical… More

Rock Star Business: New YouTube channel on how to rock your business like a pro

Just as I was considering writing out the pretty lengthy description box of my Rock Your Business video, into a blog post for this World Between World blog;YouTube stepped in before I could even weigh the pros and the cons on making cross-over content, reposting a video as a blogpost (a practice I support in… More

If we want to keep yoga in our neighborhood, we have to act.

Today I received my first debriefing on the current status of yogaland, since I m looking for ways to start teaching locally again.Ironically, I only intended to teach to friends, since I gave up being a business owner slash yoga teacher, in 2020. Covid had taken away my last classes, I stopped two weeks before… More

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