My Best Life Is Ahead Of Me

Suffice to say I was in need of some strong medicine.Something to take the edge off, realizing how many talents, skills and joys I not so much “lost”, but that I no longer have access to, since the start of the pandemic.Some of them which a comedian illustrating how complicated or impossible things are once… More

The Sex Gratitude Journal

  If there is something I regret decluttering, it’s a journal I never quite found the right purpose for. It was called Love and Lust, and it was written by Susie Bright. Even though I loved its red cover and journaling cues, every attempt to use it stranded after a few weeks.Upon which I cut… More

Fear Doesn’t Belong In The Driver’s Seat

“. “If I ever have to cast an acting role, I want the wrong person for the part. I can never visualize the right person in a part. The right person for the right part would be too much. Besides, no person is every completely right for any part, because part in a role is… More

But why is it art? | being offline is my art, day 1

As the day draws to a close, and I look back at how my first day in my New-Committed-For-Life art project “Being Offline Is My Art” went, I think I would label it: A lesson in humility. In particular because the difficult parts I expected, were not the actual difficult parts. . Sure, there were… More

Creativity Is Like Pandora’s Box

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso It was when I once again tried to find something about what happens when you’re highly creative, and how you can learn to control it or dampen it. How to make creativity go away, even. Just hypothetically, it was a question… More

Loneliness: Mighty Foe. Powerful Ally.

Like many people who live alone, I wake up every moment thinking this must be all a bad dream. That the Will Smith I am Legend feel of my entire existence, where I roam with a German Shepherd by my side in a ruined city that has been taken over by nature, desperate for a… More

Great art, great yoga, and great life; Can fail

What started as this blog World Between Worlds, the most abstract subject I have ever written about, is spreading itself through the rest of my life. The existential questions I have been asking myself with regard to art – How do I keep it pure? What comes if I do not DO anything? Where does… More


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