Sometimes it snows in April | “Rock Star” is finally here!

The title of the legendary Prince song proved to be true, although the polar exaggeration of the weather forecast still made me think that it was at least a partial April fools day joke. I definitely did not see the 5-7 cm of snow, we had been told to brace ourselves for.
But that didn’t mean it wasn’t magical.

And it invited the thought:
“If it can snow in April, anything can happen.”
And really, in my case, anything already had…

As if touched by a miracle, all the loose parts of my artistic expressions, and all the embarrassing gaps they had been causing, fell together into one smoothly oiled creative installation.
I titled it “Rock Star”; a project that began in 2019 with toying with, and writing about, the concept of Rock Star Yoga.
I ve called everything I ve done so far, phase 1, and I m now entering phase 2.

Rock Star is not built with a preconceived idea of success or failure. I will not abandon or tweak if it doesn’t perform according to the rules of worldly success. Although I did  wake up with an unexpected donation on my PayPal, so it seems to be bearing fruit just from energetic turnover alone!
But in general, No.
This assemblage is like a work of art, to observe, consume, participate in or ponder over. What is its meaning? What does it tell us about art? About business models? And are we given a glimpse of the future of yoga?

Although absolutely daunting in its number of moving parts, I will start working in Rock Star,  and you will be able to start seeing the first expressions this week.
See the wheels make their first cycle.
The first flags being planted.

What you will see will depend on how many of my outlets you follow.
I m also really looking forward to taking my yoga on the road, and to my first paid offer to rock your business.
You can find the full list of public and paid ROCK STAR elements below.

Prince wrote “Sometimes it snows in April” as a eulogy for Christopher Tracy, a gigolo played by Prince in the movie Cherry Moon. 

One of my core messages is that creatives and artists have tendencies to self-sabotage, because what society views as success in life and business doesn’t accommodate to the natural cycle that is creative work.
But creative and artistic energies, and personalities, are really not that complicated to deal with once you understand them. They need change. They crave to be in a never ending game, where they can keep playing forever.

Blowing things up, is nothing more than a primal expression of a deeply embedded need to be in an forever changing game.
We blow it up, when it’s the only way to change it. 

Sometimes it snows in April, was written and performed with Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman of backing band The Revolution. [ credit source
“‘Sometimes It Snows in April’ was really the pinnacle of our relationship together,” Lisa says about that collaboration. “And when we wrote that song, it was just the three of us sitting together in a room. I really loved it, and I had hoped that we would follow that trail further.”

But it would turn out to be the last album of Prince and The Revolution.

Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad
Sometimes I wish that life was never ending
But all good things, they say, never last

If you re a creative you will not deliver your best work if you keep repeating yourself. You have to lean in to change, decay and have to remove yourself from any trails that are from the world.
And not the artist’s.

When Prince moved away from the collaboration with The Revolution, even though they were successful and it could have lasted them for decades to come, he did it because he knew standing still is an artist’s biggest enemy.

That the really good things, the exquisite things, the things that still move us to tears 37 years down the road;
Should not be built to last.

They should be, like snow in April.

Suzanne L. Beenackers
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Title: “Rock Star”
or “Rock Star yoga/ business/ writer”

artists: Suzanne Beenackers, little bear Puux           
art form: performance art
phase 1: earliest expressions, mixed work, July 2019 – March 2022
phase 2: April 2022 – 

Public Rock Star Offerings: 

3 YouTube channels
1. English YouTube “Liberation”: Rock Star Yoga + Life lessons in Bon Jovi songs
2. Nederlandse YouTube “de Catacombe” studio voor Rock Star Yoga 
3. YouTube Rock Your Business
De headers from all channels have been changed already, so you know you re in the right spot.

4 blogs
1. Rock Star Writer
2. Yoga Blog: Daily Bon Jovi Yoga
3. World Between Worlds
4. Dutch blog: Suzanne Beenackers

2 Facebook pages
1. Rock Star Writer on Facebook
2. Dutch: Suzanne Beenackers Schrijver Facebook met beertje Puux

1 Twitter account
my personal Twitter account

Paid Rock Star offers: 

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II Rock Star mentoring (Zoom)
at Business, Artist or Rock Star level.
Starts May 2022

III Live in-person events 
starting summer 2022:   Rock Star Yoga sessions in Nijmegen
starting summer 2023:   Rock Star Yoga shows in The Netherlands, with the possibility of expanding to Europe


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